In recent years modern nursing has come a long way from its humble beginnings. No longer do nurses have to work in the unsanitary conditions that plagued Florence Nightingale. And gone is the expectation for all nurses to be female, with more than 10% of nurses now being male. Nurses no longer merely have to follow doctors’ orders and cater only to the comfort of patients. Of course, ensuring the comfort of patients is still a major part of the job, but nowadays there is more to it. The level of expertise and knowledge required is clear from the fact that nurses are now required to be qualified to degree level and have to take on more responsibility in the care of patients.

The qualifications required for becoming a nurse changed in September 2013. From thenon all entrants into nursing were required to pass an accredited degree course. Several institutions offer courses, each having its own entrance requirements. Generally, it is expected that applicantswill have high A level grades in two or three relevant subjects. The three-year courses comprise core subjects, but it is also required that nurses specialise in one of the following areas: adult, paediatric, learning disability and mental health. On completion of their course nurses must register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and then they are able to hunt for a job.

The crux of the nursing job is caring for people. While seeing those you’ve helped recover is rewarding, there will always be those who you cannothelp. To be a nurs like those recruited at randstad, you must be confident that you will be able to control your emotions and to continue working at a high standard despite the sadness that comes with being unable to help some. You will also have to become accustomed to dealing with high levels of stress and responsibility. The pressure will be immense yet it will always be necessary to maintain a high level of performance. Despite this, you won’t always be appreciated. Some patients, particularly those under the influence, who you will often encounter in accident and emergency departments, may abuse you, both physically and verbally.

However, nursing does come with a huge sense of reward. You will be rewarded not only with the satisfaction that comes from helping people, but also by being paid a good salary in accordance with a pre-determined scale within the NHS. You will start at Band 5 (approximately £21 000 per year), which increases over time and with advancement in the profession.

Even in the United States, nursing is a rewarding and potentially lucrative career path. Although, with all the recent changes with the new health insurance marketplaces, I’m not entirely sure what nursing students are required to learn in order to obtain their certification.

Overall, nursing job will place many demands on you. Your will be expected to be able to adapt to a variety of difficult situations. Your mental and physical boundaries will be tested, yet despite this a career in nursing offers satisfaction and fulfilment with which few other careers can compare. As a well-educated and highly qualified nurse, you will be spending your days supporting and helping those in need. This is what makesnursing jobs one of the most satisfying career paths to follow and attracts a large number of school leavers every year.

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