Finals are coming! Finals are coming! Prepare yourself! Study! Practice! Work! Study, study, study! But then what? After all the studying and hard work, you have an abundance of textbooks which you honestly have not used as much as your professor would have liked you to have done. Oh well, they will make nice fuel for the end-of-semester book burning bonfire right? Then you can start contemplating how to earn enough money over Christmas “break” to buy hundreds of dollars of books for next semester. Such a shame you just burned all your old textbooks.


Your old used textbooks can make you money! All you have to do is sell your textbooks to a site like They will give you cold hard cash. So instead of being broke over the break between semesters, you can have money all set to procure books for next semester a little extra money to spend on your family and loved-ones. This is quick easy money for books that you will probably never use again.


Furthermore, next semester, you can rent used textbooks for a great deal less money than it costs to buy them new or used, saving more money! If you’ve already been through a semester or more of classes, then you definitely know that books for classes are incredibly expensive. But if you rent those same books, you get them for only a fraction of what it would cost you to buy them new. And when you are done with them, you just send them back to your textbook rental company and they can be a blessing to another broke college student next semester. It is the circle of saving!


So even if you have already served your four years, and have a job all lined up to start paying off your college loans, sell your textbooks so that they can be a blessing to a broke college student just beginning a long and expensive journey of higher education. No one knows how difficult that can be like someone who is relieved to have just gotten done with their last semester of schooling. So go ahead and make the next student’s journey just a little bit easier, and line your own pockets while you are at it!


But whatever you do, don’t go burning your books in that end-of-semester bonfire. Someone can use those books. Just as they are helping you get through these last few weeks of the semester studying for finals and writing papers, they can help someone else have the resources they need to push through the end of the semester. Help yourself out, help them out, and sell your textbooks when you are done studying for finals!


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Jesse Mikka has been in the education system for as long as he can remember, and over the years he has learned a few ways to save on costs and earn more money. After hearing about and stopping by their blog at he quickly realized how much money he could save by checking out their used textbooks for sale online and never pays full price for textbooks.

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