homeschool-methodsProviding adequate education is one of the obligations of each parent. In addition to formal school, there are other ways that are often referred to as homeschooling. Let us recognize what it is homeschooling and how it is applied. Homeschooling or Home Education is the educational model where families choose to be responsible on the educational process of their children. Parents are people who best in understanding the nature and character of their children. Parents also know what children like, so most parents also can make decisions for their children. It is the nature of the parents, who cannot be owned by anyone, including teachers in schools.

So, the real benchmark of homeschooling is a parent. We as parents who determine and choose how teaching and learning process of our children. We are someone who decides whether we are going to teach our own children, or we should call a tutor for some subjects which are not under our control. We can also determine whether children would be incorporated into the community according to their hobbies as part of our teaching curriculum. We need to understand that homeschooling is a home-based education and is done by the family. For the process of teaching, we can choose whether we are teaching or getting children into courses. For example, you do not speak the natural sciences such as mathematics or physics, so you should enter my son to the course.

We are accustomed to formal schools that have clear standards, have to learn everything in the curriculum, then taking some tests. Whereas, in homeschooling, the key word is “may”. We may teach any child, in any way. Base character in the homeschooling is the education tailored to the needs of children (customized education). In the last recent years, homeschooling has been become a popular teaching style.

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